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Scientists Now Have Better Idea of When Modern Humans Met Neanderthals

Written By: SF Fandom Historian - Oct• 23•14

Somewhere around 69-77,000 years ago a supervolcano centered on what is now Lake Toba in northern Sumatra, Indonesia (just to the south of Thailand in Southeast Asia) exploded, clouding the Earth with a large amount of volcanic ash. We call this the Toba Event. Science journalist Ann Gibbons proposed in 1993 that this massive volcanic […]

New Research Sheds Light on Near Eastern Neolithic Migrations

Written By: SF Fandom Historian - Jun• 11•14

There are two factors that have always influenced human history: the availability of food and the proximity of water. Water is not only vital for sustaining life, it has served as barriers to protect isolated populations and as roadways for transportation and communication. Researchers have uncovered evidence that shows the Neolithic revolution may have been […]

Why We Need Historians for Social Insects

Written By: SF Fandom Historian - Mar• 31•14

Social creatures like us find ways to share tasks that perpetuate their communities. Cockroaches are not social even though they live together because they can scatter to the four winds and as long as they find mates they will survive. In a social community each member makes some sort of sacrifice for the sake of […]

The 1200 Year Environmental Cycle Explained

Written By: SF Fandom Historian - Feb• 23•14

Historians have long suspected that there was a 1200-year cycle in the rise and fall of cultures around the world. Although this blog has focused mainly on the Middle East and Europe, the 1200-year cycle has been noted in the Americas and Asia. While the cycle itself does not always conform to the exact 1200-year […]

Two Studies Shed Light on Ancient Cultural Shifts

Written By: SF Fandom Historian - Sep• 14•13

If you study Viking history you have been told that the Vikings were the first people to settle the Faroe Islands. Now scientists have found evidence of an earlier culture that predates the Vikings’ arrival by as much as 3-500 years. The settlers — whose identity is unknown — possessed the technology to reach the […]

New Studies Reveal More About Spread of Farming Into Mesolithic Europe

Written By: SF Fandom Historian - Sep• 11•13

8,000 years ago (Circa. 6,000 BCE) one or more groups of farmers left Asia Minor and colonized what is now Greece. We don’t yet know how they arrived there or why they left their homes but they probably walked across a small land bridge that was eventually inundated by the Mediterranean Sea. The Black Sea, […]